Voted Best Coffee in Alpharetta
batdorf cup.jpeg
Our Beans
Our signature coffee comes from the one and only Batdorf & Bronson Coffee Roasters in Atlanta, GA. We feature their Dancing Goats blend as well as their Whirling Dervish, Guatemala, French Roast and more. We also have specially trained and skilled baristas with a knowledge for coffee - the perfect equation for a cup so above and beyond expectations, you'll be wondering how you've been missing out all these years...
Our Leaves
Good water and great leaves is a recipe for simply good tea - thankfully, we have both! We feature flavors and teas from The Republic of Tea. Our house is a Ginger Peach Tea that can be enjoyed sweet, unsweet or half sweet. We also have a sweet Pomegranate Green Tea as well as Chai Tea Lattes and Matcha.
Our Fresh Fruits
Our smoothies and shakes are made fresh to order with natural and organic fruits and vegetables. Our best-selling 'Tree of Life' is a great post-workout treat. It includes pineapple and coconut juice, pineapples, banana, spinach, kale and honey and drinks like a Pina Colada! 
Our Mimosas
Mimosas are the new orange juice - you can't have breakfast without it! As long as you remember Y2K and have a valid ID, you can enjoy any one of our signature mimosas out on the patio, soaking up the sun. Our best-selling Strawberry Mimosa and Lavender Mimosa are sure to hit the spot.  
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Everything is Made-to-Order
We understand that everyone has different needs and tastes. Our entire menu is made-to-order everyday. You have the option to change any of the milks, juices or ingredients in any of your favorite beverages! We offer whole, skim, almond and oat milk as well as heavy creams.
Hot Coffee, Espresso & Tea
(we offer 2 shot smalls and 3 shot larges) 
Daily Blend
daily drip coffees

Cafe au Lait
daily blend with steamed milk

espresso with hot water

espresso with steamed milk & foam

Cafe Latte
espresso with steamed milk & light foam

Gelato Affogato
espresso over a scoop of gelato

Cafe Mocha
espresso with chocolate & steamed milk

a double shot of espresso

Espresso Macchiato
a double shot with a touch of foam

a double shot ristretto with steamed milk

Black Eye
daily blend with espresso

Hot Tea
your choice from Republic of Teas

Hot Chocolate
steamed milk with Ghirardelli chocolate

London Fog
earl grey tea with steamed milk & vanilla

Chai Latte
chai with steamed milk & spices

Matcha Latte
matcha green tea with steamed milk & vanilla

Dirty Chai
a chai latte with espresso
Iced Coffee, Espresso & Tea
(we offer 2 shot smalls and 3 shot larges) 
Iced Ginger Peach Tea
sweet, unsweet or half sweet

Iced Pomegranate Green Tea
on the sweeter side

Iced Coffee
daily blend over ice

Iced Americano
espresso over ice

Iced Latte
espresso & milk over ice

Iced Vanilla Latte
espresso, milk & vanilla over ice

Iced Honey & Cinnamon Latte
espresso, milk, honey & spices over ice

Iced Mocha
Ghirardelli chocolate, espresso & milk over ice

Iced Chai Latte
chai latte over ice

Iced Matcha Latte
matcha latte over ice

Iced Lemonade
classic, strawberry, raspberry, pomegranate or lavender over ice

Iced Arnold Palmer
lemonade and ginger peach tea over ice
Frozen (Freddo)
(ice blended frozen coffee drinks) 
Cafe Freddo
our espresso frappe
French Vanilla
Honey Cinnamon

Matcha Freddo
our matcha frappe

Chai Freddo
our chai frappe
*almond and oat milk available upon request* 
Smoothies & Shakes
(made-to-order with fresh fruits and vegetables) 
Tree of Life
our best seller - pineapple and coconut juice, banana, pineapple, fresh spinach & kale, and a drizzle of honey

Almond Top of The World
almond milk & almond butter, fresh apples and strawberries, banana, and a drizzle of honey

Tropical Sunrise
orange juice, fresh pineapple, mango and banana with strawberries and dairy free yogurt

Strawberry Banana Blush
apple juice with pureed strawberries, banana & dairy free yogurt

Triple Berry Blast
apple juice with pureed strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, banana & dairy free yogurt

Tropical Raspberry
pineapple coconut juice, raspberries, banana & dairy free yogurt

Georgia Peach
orange juice, fresh peaches & banana, strawberries and dairy free yogurt

Choconana Chunk
fine Ghirardelli chocolate, banana & peanut butter blended with milk &  dairy free yogurt

Raspberry Sunset
orange juice with raspberries, strawberries, peaches & dairy free yogurt

Add protein powder or super foods like avocado to any smoothie!
Signature Mimosas
(must be 21+ to enjoy) 
Classic Mimosa
don't mess with a classic

Strawberry Mimosa
with fresh strawberry

Raspberry Mimosa
with fresh raspberry

Lavender Mimosa
sweet and aromatic

Pomegranate Mimosa
nectar of the gods

Sweet Citrus Mimosa
tart and fresh

Italian Sorbetto Mimosa
sorbet and champagne
Sweets & Frozen Treats
(our house-made biscotti & Italian-made gelato) 
House-made Biscotti

Vanilla Bean Gelato

Sea Salt Caramel Gelato

Milk Chocolate Gelato

Strawberry Gelato

Cinnamon Gelato

Mint Chocolate Gelato

Cookies & Cream Gelato

Raspberry Sorbet
*gelato available in single/double scoop or gelato shake*